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Picking the right hotel is about more than just going online and booking a room. A great accommodation can make or break your vacation or business trip. Here's how to get the best bed.

Chic and Charming: where to stay and where to eat in Northern Italy

By: Rossella Di Palma

Northern Italy has much to offer to the adventurous tourist who dares to leave behind the more traditional attractions and venture further afield.

Villa Necchi alla Portalupa, located in Gambolo (PV), for instance, is a good place to fall in love with Vigevano’s Piazza Ducale, to get lost in Pavia's medieval streets, or to quietly enjoy Ticino’s natural preserve. The house was built about 200 years ago, but owes its name, and its architectural style, to the Milanese entrepreneur Vittorio Necchi who restored it in the thirties. 

How to Choose the Best Hotel for Your Next Vacation

Planning a vacation is half the fun of taking one. All the dreaming and excitement that leads up to a big getaway can give almost as much pleasure as actually being there. But there are times when the best laid plans go awry, and if it’s your hotel, your dream retreat can turn into a nightmare in a blink. Here’s how you can avoid booking a hotel that doesn’t live up to your expectations:

Going Local: Finding Unusual Accommodations on Your Next Business Trip

When it comes to business trips, it’s all too easy to just check in and check out by spending the night with the remote control, room service, and your laptop. But business trips offer an opportunity to explore destinations where you may not actually choose to vacation on your own, especially within the continental United States.

Go Underground: Get the Inside Scoop on Homegrown Music, Arts, and Entertainment at Your Next Destination

From small towns to bustling metropolises, every destination has its own arts and entertainment scene. Indulge yourself in the joys of discovering rising stars and unknown artists, while supporting the local arts, on your next sojourn. Here’s how.