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Chic and Charming: where to stay and where to eat in Northern Italy

By: Rossella Di Palma

Northern Italy has much to offer to the adventurous tourist who dares to leave behind the more traditional attractions and venture further afield.

Villa Necchi alla Portalupa, located in Gambolo (PV), for instance, is a good place to fall in love with Vigevano’s Piazza Ducale, to get lost in Pavia's medieval streets, or to quietly enjoy Ticino’s natural preserve. The house was built about 200 years ago, but owes its name, and its architectural style, to the Milanese entrepreneur Vittorio Necchi who restored it in the thirties. 

The Philippines' Finest Travel Spots

Home to 7,107 islands, the tropical archipelago of the Philippines offers a ton of attractions which can satisfy the wanderlust in you.

Whether you’re looking for some relaxing alone time under the sun or want to go on an adrenaline pumping trekking or water adventure, this country surely has something to offer -- from immaculate white beaches, to dramatic terrains and sensational views. Aside from its natural raw beauty, the Philippines is also home to some mesmerizing historical sites and churches where one can explore culture, heritage and art. To top it off, it can also take you on an unforgettable gastronomical adventure with its sumptuous native cuisine.

What to see and do on a family vacation to Canada

The safe and scenic adventures you can experience on a trip to Canada make the country a perfect place for family vacations. The list we’ve compiled below provides an overview of the best things to see and do on a family vacation to Canada. 

4 Southeast Asian Destinations Worthy of Your Next Vacation

If you are looking for a great place to go on your next vacation, no matter if you are single or traveling with a spouse, Asia is always a place to consider. With air travel being more accessible today than ever before, you can experience a new culture and way of life in no time at all. 

7 things to do on your next business trip to Canada

When you think of business travel, romantic images of ritzy hotels, business class flights and executive lounges with open bars often come to mind. 

7 adventure travel ideas for Canada

Adventure travel is an excellent way to see new places while staying active. One of the best things about adventure travel in Canada is that you can satisfy your craving whether you’re a completed beginner or seasoned thrill-seeker.

Styria: The Green Heart of Austria

When speaking about Austria, the immediate association is usually Vienna, the city of classic music and palaces. Let us discover the other side of Austria and go visit the land of wild mountains, green forests, and fascinating culture.

Full of Impressions: Vacations in the Secret Land of Slovenia

Slovenia can be named an unknown European country. The thumbnail size land, hidden between Austria and Italy, still stays an uncovered diamond for most tourists while visiting Europe. If you are looking for a fresh destination, free of crowds and full of relaxation, Slovenia must be the first choice for you.

No More Prefab Holidays: Whether it's Business or Pleasure, Make Your Journey Unique

Taking the road less traveled, to paraphrase the great American poet Robert Frost, can make all the difference. These days so many vacation experiences are canned. From theme parks to touristy island getaways to cruises, you will find heavily marketed trips with big corporate bucks behind them. And you know exactly what to expect from beginning to end. But why not try something different, something unusual and unexpected, on your next business or pleasure journey? 

Insider Travel: Find out Where the Locals Eat

By: Amber Eden
When travelling, whether for business or pleasure, it’s all too easy to settle on safe-bet chains and tourist favorites. But the whole point of travel is to awaken your five senses, and the flavor of the place, including the local cuisine. Here’s how you can get the very best dining experiences out of your next journey, and come home with some tasty memories