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Vacation Trip

Want to travel smarter on your next vacation? From how to pack to choosing a hotel to booking your destination, read these travel tips for a better getaway.

How to Prepare for a Vacation

By: Ellen Gross
Preparedness may not be the first word that comes to mind when getting ready to go on vacation. It’s a word that is more often used with, say, hurricanes or other natural disasters. But there is a lot to be said for using the principles of preparation when going on a vacation. While the whole idea of a holiday is to get away and have a great time, the reality is that you are often a stranger in a strange land. 

Work it Out: How to Stay Fit on Your Next Vacation

Vacations are often thought of as a time to settle back and forget about obligations and the stress of everyday life. But all too often we leave behind the good things that feed our bodies and minds, along with what is depleting us. Holidays can be a great excuse to overeat and forget about exercise. Between the food, cervezas on the beach, and just plain relaxing, it’s all too easy to pack on unwanted pounds. 

Living La Vida Local on Your Next Vacation

By: Amber Eden
If you want to have a vacation experience that isn’t the usual canned tourism, take your getaway out of the box. Next time you pack your bags, have the adventure of living like a local in a totally new place.