This the Season For Gift Giving in Style

The holiday season is upon us, and for many, that means long lines at the mall on Black Friday or rushing to order last-minute gifts online with  2-day shipping. And what about your coworkers? You can’t forget to get them gifts, too. Secret Santa, holiday parties, end of year performance evaluations...all of it seems to come around at the same time, doesn’t it? Don’t let the holiday season stress you out this year. Instead, be inspired by our list of 10 great ideas for every kind of coworker. From parents to gym-rats, there’s something for everyone on here. The best part? These gifts are all affordable, so you won’t blow your budget by spending more than $50 on your favorite office pals.

Here’s one for Spirit airlines. Perfect for any flight attendants!

1. Got a coworker who travels a lot? Even better, how about one who’s always traveling for work? Gift them customised toiletries. You can add your company logo to shampoo, conditioner, body wash and other travel-sized necessities. It’s a great way to win brownie points with the big bosses.


2. The coffee addicts among the office will love this one: a stainless steel water bottle. It keeps cool drinks cool for 24 hours and even more amazingly, warm ones stay warm for up to 12, which means it’s perfect for keeping that morning cup of coffee or tea warm well into the afternoon. There are quite a few brands on the market, many of which offer bright colors and cool patterns, or for the minimalists in your office, there’s plain black, too.

3. If you have a coworker who’s a big fan of music or podcasts and you haven’t seen him/her rocking a pair of noise-canceling headphones yet, you should totally get them a pair. These days, they’re a lot more affordable than most people think. If you browse online, you’ll find some pairs for under $50 - so make sure you save this one for a coworker you really like!

4. You know that one coworker that always talks about going to the gym? Why not bring the gym to the office? You can get them a few dumbbells to keep at their desk, or even better, a machine like this one to help you pedal while sitting still all day. It costs under $30.

5. So many moms and dads are juggling a full-time career and then go back home to their second career, rasing children! You can certainly base these gifts around how many children they have, and how old the children are (ie. parents to newborns would be grateful for anything to help them get more sleep). But no matter how old the kids are, all parents could use a little stress relief! Talk to your local spa and see if they can get you a good deal for an hour long massage. If that’s too expensive, go for a 30-minute foot massage. They’ll be thankful for the gesture.

6. Your most disorganized desk mates could use a little help getting their life together. Why not drop a not-so-subtle hint by giving them some desk organizing materials? There’s so many Or even better, you can get them a Bluetooth chip-enabled tracking tag so they’ll never lose their keys or wallet again. (Just make sure they don’t stick a chip onto their phone, because then they’ll really lose everything!)

7. Any chefs in the house? Treat them to a great cookbook of easy recipes. Books that offer recipes with only a few ingredients, fast prep times and a healthy twist to them would all do well for a packed office lunch. If you have a coworker who loves to meal prep, there’s even cookbooks about that, too, so you can help spice up their Sunday ritual.

8. Surely you work with a sports addict. Question is, does the sports obsessee love one team in particular? One sport? Or literally all of it? If it’s the first one, of course go with some gear. Go niche - find out if they have a favorite player and get them a copy of his/her biography. If that’s too much work, you can’t go wrong with a branded bottle opener. Sports and drinking practically go hand in hand. If he or she is a macro-lover of all things sport, maybe you can hit them with a sports themed trivia deck. ESPN has a great one for US sports fans called the All Sports Trivia Challenge which retails for $25.

9. TV and Movie addicts would find the irony of an Office gift pretty funny. From a Dundler Mifflin t-shirt to a table top calendar with all the best Office quotes, there’s a lot of creative ways you can get this idea across. If you know where they went to University, you could get them a frame for their diploma and make a meme of “I went to ____ University. Ever heard of it?” Classic line.

10. Know any bookworms or wordsmiths at the office? You can gift them with a New York Times bestseller. Try to do a litlte snooping to see if they’ve read the #1 book on there yet, and if not, it’s a no-brainer that they’re bound to like. If they’re a serious reader and you think they may have read all of them, try looking up one of the top authors and getting them another book by that author. Fiction or non fiction, science or psychology. There’s something for every reader out there.