Get Ready for Your Adventure Trip

So you’ve had it with the idyllic vacations, and you want to put a little excitement into your travel. You’ve booked your adventure travel, and whether you are scaling mountains, exploring oceanic depths, backpacking cross-country, or some other version of extreme travel, there is a certain amount of preparedness that is necessary to go the extra mile of travelling adventurously. You are, after all, putting yourself into potentially dangerous situations for the sheer joy and thrill of it. Here’s how you can make sure your next adventure trip is successful:

1. Get Your Paperwork in Order:

Things don’t always run as smoothly when you are in a different place with language and cultural barriers, so make sure that you are as prepared as possible for any red-tape obstacles you may encounter. As with any trip, adventure or not, you want to be sure that you have your passport current, and a copy of it stashed in your luggage. Check carefully for any other sort of documentation that you may need for your travel, as regulations can vary greatly from country to country. Then, check again. Be sure to have a travel wallet to protect your money, passport, and other valuable documents. Consider getting an international driver’s license so that you can drive, if need be.

2. Health Matters

While you are checking on documentation, you want to be sure that you are also checking into the vaccinations and medications that you may need for your destination. Are there any medications you need to take in advance to protect yourself, such as anti-malarial pills? It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Also, look into any sort of health protective items you will need to take with you, such as repellent and mosquito netting. The best way to ensure that you have all the proper immunizations and health supplies is to consult with a travel health specialist who is versed in destination-specific needs. Make sure you have some sort of travel insurance in place, so that you can get prompt medical attention, and be aware of the medical facilities that are in the area you will be travelling. It pays to do your research, as adventure travellers are more prone to injury than regular vacationers, due to exposure to more extreme climates and terrain.

3. Work It

Adventure travel can vary widely in the luxury of the circumstances, or lack thereof. You may be sleeping on a first class cruise ship, hiking the rainforests of Costa Rica by day and returning to your fab digs by night, or scaling Kilimanjaro, carrying your worldly belongings on your back. Regardless, you don’t want to have to deal with an injury in a foreign country. Spend your time at the gym, working out at higher altitudes, doing yoga, swimming, whatever you need to do to provide reinforcement for your weaknesses. You will want to get those muscles in shape, so that you can protect your joints and back. Get up off the couch and get moving in those months before you leave for far-off destinations.

4. You Are What You Eat

While you are whipping your body into shape, you also want to feed it well in the months before you set off. Get plenty of good nourishment with lean proteins and vegetables. Take your vitamins to build up your reserves. Lots of garlic will keep the mosquitoes away. Get in the practice of hydrating well, and cut down on dehydrating beverages such as caffeine and alcohol. Also, plan for what you will eat while you are away, stocking up on items you need to take to ensure good nourishment.

5. Pack Appropriately

The specific protective items you will need for your destination could vary from bug spray to a portable water filtration system. You will want to do research to make sure that you are taking appropriate items to protect you from the elements, such as blankets, jackets, long sleeves for cold temperatures, and hats and sunscreen for hot temperatures. Again, research, research, research, and allow plenty of time to gather the supplies that you will need for your adventure.

Also, if you are new to adventure travel, you may want to join a group and travel with leaders who are familiar with the region and language. Group adventures often provide packing lists as a part of the trip services, making it a whole lot easier if you are new to the adventure travel game.

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