Take on Adventure Travel this Winter

While adventure travel may not be the first kind of travel that comes to mind when you are in the middle of the winter, think again. Lolling on a beach is not always the perfect antidote for the winter doldrums. Embrace the season and the opportunities it presents!  If you’ve never taken an adventure travel trip, it can be a way to tone your body, along with raising your spirits. Here’s how to get yourself started on an adventure trip this winter.

1. Pick an Adventure:

If this is your first stab at adventure travel, you may not be aware of how vast this travel category is, and it’s not all about scaling Mount Everest by a long shot. Anything that takes you off the beaten tourism path can legitimately be called adventure travel. It’s basically about taking your passion on the road, staying anywhere from a hostel to a luxury cruise ship.

Whether you are into yoga, surfing or cross country skiing, or anything in between, you can bet there is an adventure to be had, especially in the winter months when it’s high season down toward the equator. Think first about what you like to do, where you want to be, and begin your search there.

2. Go Old School with a Travel Agent

It’s commonly thought that adventure travel has to be planned months in advance, but the fact is that with travel booking going online, we’ve forgotten that time-honored travel expert, the travel agent. The travel professional is familiar with all the ins and outs of international travel and can point you to the best destinations at the best price, with no extra cost for you. In the case of last-minute winter adventure travel, your local travel agency should be your first stop.

3. Be Domestic

While heading to the Himalayas is one way to experience winter adventure travel, this is the sort of journey that takes up to a year or more to plan and train for. By staying closer to home, you can eliminate months of preparation and planning, especially if it’s just a matter of getting in a car and pointing it to the closest mountain or lake. Book a cabin on the lake and try your hand at ice fishing, or head for the hills and make a stab at snowshoeing. Take your soul to the nearest retreat center and do some meditation and yoga. A whole range of winter adventures are available right in your own backyard, if you are open to them and cultivate your adventurous spirit.

4. Consider a Group Tour

For winter adventure travel for the first-timer, the group tour is a great option. For one all-inclusive price, you dispense with the headache of research, planning, reservations, and more. Plus, you will make a host of new adventure travel friends to meet up with on future adventures. While the price of admission may be a little higher for a group tour, it can also make life a whole lot easier, especially if you want to make your getaway quickly.

5. Going Solo

Perhaps more than any other category, the adventure travel sector is particularly amenable to the solo traveler, especially women. All sorts of support groups and wilderness organizations are devoted to helping solo travellers journey alone, while connecting them with other travellers along the way. Don’t let the fact that you have always wanted to heli-ski the Canadian Rockies or trek the Andes and your partner doesn’t, keep your from having your own adventure. As long as you have an itinerary that you share with friends and family and you check in along the way, chances are good that, should you want to, you will make a lot of new friends on the same adventure. Winter adventures have their challenges, but with thoughtful planning and research, you don’t have to forgo the trip of your dreams just because you are solo.

For more information on tackling adventure travel this winter, check out the Smart Voyager web site