Why Adventure Travel is Just Plain Good for You

What comes to your mind when you think of the word “adventure?” If you immediately flash to images of standing atop a high mountain range or diving deep beneath the sea or just doing yoga in a tropical location, you are a great candidate for adventure travel.

The truth of the matter is that much of the adventure in life has been eliminated in modern times, leaving us as humans with a natural yen to explore and take risks. And the fact is that adventure travel is just plain good for you. Here’s why:

Play Dirty

Research indicates that our overly sanitary lives may be a contributing factor to why allergies, viral bugs, and asthmatic reactions are on the rise. When you get out and visit another country, or even just go for a hike or camping trip in a nearby park, you are exposing yourself to flora and fauna, getting dirty, and raising your resistance. There’s a lot to be said for just setting out exploring and leaving the hand sanitizer at home.

Let’s Get Physical

Adventure travel, by its very nature, assumes a certain amount of physical activity. While it’s up to you to determine the level of activity that you want to experience, any type of exploratory movement, whether by land or sea or air is going to have an incredible impact on your physical health. For starters, you will often want to prepare physically for the trip, which means you are getting to the gym more often or just walking more. And certainly when you are on your journey, you will be actively exploring. While physical activity is good for all of us, it’s especially beneficial for the over-50 crowd, as it’s a real dementia fighter by literally stimulating and increasing your brain capacity at time of life where normal aging factors would shrink it.

Mind Games

The physical perks are not the only benefits of adventure travel--it’s good for your mental health as well. Going on adventures stimulates us and brings us back to our childhoods, letting our imaginations roam free, lifting depression, and chasing away the worries and stress of daily life. Just the act of having a physical travel experience is going to elevate the mood and ease anxiety, and the anticipation of dreaming and planning has just as many mental health benefits by having something exciting to look forward to.

Give Your Soul a LIft

You don’t have to go on a yoga adventure trip to experience the soul-expanding joys of meditation. Hiking is a great way to mediate and leave the world behind, focusing on the joys of the journey and savoring the natural world. There is something about getting into the wilderness that’s a real balm for the soul. Don’t be surprised if you return from your first adventure trip calmer and more peaceful ... and ready to book your next wilderness adventure.

Get Unplugged

Adventure travel, by necessity, requires us to unplug from our tablets, computers, smart phones, and social media. We live in a disruptive society, with constant grabs for our attention. Oftentimes adventure travel is in locations beyond the range of wireless devices, and it’s certainly a lot harder to check your work email when you are on a weeklong hike or exploring pristine waters. The usual beach vacation is not as relaxing as it might appear by comparison--it’s too easy to plug in and stay in your everyday life. Adventure travel lets you completely unplug and really get away, allowing you to refresh your spirit and get perspective on your purpose and life.

Anyone Can Take an Adventure Trip

No matter what your age, there is some sort of adventure travel available to you. If you are older, reawaken your wanderlust spirit and reconnect with the dreams of your youth. If you have a lot of life left to live, live it by pursuing your adventure fantasies. Adventure travel lets us try on alternate lives and experience other cultures without the sanitized wrapping of normal consumeristic tourism. Get out and connect with new lands, cultures and people, and in the process, you may discover (or rediscover) a piece of yourself.

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