How to travel smart on business in winter weather

Traveling on business during winter months has its challenges, but with good planning and a few clever ideas from Smart Voyager, it doesn't have to be a dreaded event. Here are some ways that you can travel smarter on your next business trip:

1) Check the weather before you pack

This may seem like the most obvious advice ever, but it's probably the best advice as well. You want to not only know the weather where you are going, but also the weather where you are departing. Weather changes fast, and there are plenty of good weather apps that offer radar maps, along with hourly and long-term forecasts, even lightning strike proximity, to keep you apprised of what to expect weather-wise.

2) Stick with dark colors

You never know what you are going to encounter when you are travelling for business, whether it’s traipsing through airports, making hotel transfers, or just snagging a taxi to the next meeting. Between slushy puddles and unexpected precipitation, you'll be glad you've dressed on the dark side. Use color as accents with ties and scarves and let the blues, blacks, and grays do the heavy lifting in your business travel wardrobe.

3) Bring some athletic shoes for travel gear

While the days of stretching rubbers over your business shoes when hitting the road may be gone, you will definitely want to carry some athletic shoes for running around in airports, breaking a healthy sweat in the indoor gym, and as a backup pair to avoid destroying your business dress shoes in the case of adverse weather. If you must go directly from the airport to a meeting and have no place to stash your backups, take advantage of the shoe stands and treat your business shoes to a good polish, which will have the added advantage of providing extra protection from moisture. Both pumps and oxfords deserve this special treatment for all the hard work they do. Plus, it's a great way to relax, catch a snooze, or practice some mindfulness meditation before making a big deal.

4) Sign up for flight alerts

Airports are stressful places and the less time spent there when taking a work trip, the better. But in winter this is doubly true. Wintry weather brings unexpected curve balls, from ice storms to blizzards and everything in between. Make sure you have the most up-to-date info on your flights so that you spend less time in transit and more time either in the comfort of your hotel room or home. Text alerts and calls can be programmed to be delivered right to your phone, keeping you posted on any last minute changes due to weather. While it's always smart to check in online, it's especially smart in winter to save time in line when you are toting a heavy coat along with your luggage.

5) Think in layers

Remember how mom always said to wear layers in winter, so that you can shed or add clothes as needed? Well, mom was right then, and she still is. Whether you are traveling from one winter spot to another, from cold to warm, or vice versa, it makes sense to have layers.  Even just going from the brisk outdoors to the toasty indoors can be a dramatic temperature shift. The key is to keep your layer in the same dark hue so that your overall look is still cohesive.

6) Invest in a good trench coat

For business travel, nothing beats the straightforward good looks of a great trench coat. With its durable practicality combined with dashing elegance, the classic trench is top-notch at beating the elements in style, whether it’s rain, sleet, or snow. Look for a trench coat that has a removable lining, for an easy transition between different temperature zones, and in a fabric that packs and travels well. You won’t regret it.